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Our artificial eyes have been well received by infants, children and adults alike. The prosthetic eye is hand-sculpted and hand-painted to obtain the best fit and movement, color match, landmark orientation and aesthetic balance. We partner with your Oculoplastic surgeon to ensure the best care can be provided.

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Prosthetic Illusions creates breast prostheses for those who are not candidates for reconstruction, choose not to have reconstruction or those who are in between surgeries. We offer an excellent alternative to assist breast cancer survivors in restoring a sense of physical and emotional balance through breast prostheses.

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Orbital, Nose & Ears

Suffering from a birth defect, injury, trauma, cancer or facial disease can leave a patient emotionally and physically devastated. If surgical reconstruction is not an option, a silicone prosthesis is an excellent alternative. We will work closely with your doctor to develop the best plan of action to create your custom prosthesis.

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Prosthetic Illusions created a soft foam fit prosthesis that blends with my body, so I can blend into the world.
Prosthetic Illusions offers a custom fit in a way that no one else does.
Lisa Hunsicker, MD
Prosthetic Illusions doesn’t settle for anything less than the best.
Jerry Popham, MD
They provide the illusion that the missing body part isn’t missing.
Robert Fante, MD