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Custom Breast Prosthesis fits in regular bra - Prosthetic IllusionsCustom Breast Prosthesis – $3500
Covered by most insurance plans

Achieving a symmetrical appearance after breast surgery can be challenging. Prosthetic Illusions has partnered with Radiant Impressions™ by Trulife to offer a custom breast prosthesis that is a near mirror image of the patient’s breast. This prosthetic breast by Radiant Impressions is custom molded to fit only your body and offers personal fit and choices not available with a standard off-the-shelf breast form.

A Radiant Impressions custom breast prosthesis captures every intimate detail of your remaining breast and is artfully hand-sculpted for a one-of-a-kind custom fit. This breast prosthesis is designed to capture a personalized fit that reflects the unique topography of your chest wall. We will match your unique contour, shape and profile, helping to restore your confidence after mastectomy, injury or failed reconstruction. The Radiant Impressions breast prosthesis can be worn in a regular bra, eliminating the need for mastectomy bras or specialty lingerie. These custom prosthetic breasts are lightweight, breathable and fit with your active lifestyle including swimming and running.

The custom breast prosthesis retails for $3500, however this breast form is covered by most insurance plans. Possible deductible and/or out-of-pocket costs will vary when purchasing through your health insurance. Unlike other mastectomy boutiques, Prosthetic Illusions is a medical facility that contracts with most insurance companies as an in-network provider including Medicare and Medicaid (varies by state and region). Prosthetic Illusions will act as an advocate for you on your behalf prior to any financial obligations. We will help to ensure the most coverage for your breast prosthesis according to your plan, assist with appeals and out-of-network coverage exceptions. Please contact us directly to help determine your specific coverage.

Please Note: Medicare does not cover this custom product.

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