Tissue Expander Breast Prosthesis

Transitional Breast Prosthesis (eighty30)
Covered by most insurance

This revolutionary prosthesis is an excellent temporary solution for those in-between procedures and/or undergoing the tissue expansion process. Typically, tissue expansion varies from 8 weeks to as long as one year. During that time, maintaining the outward appearance of “symmetry” can be challenging. This specialized prosthesis has a thin, flexible back membrane that allows for the tissue to expand into the prosthesis while maintaining a more balanced silhouette.

Made of breathable, soft sponge-like silicone, all of eighty30’s prostheses are gentle and non-reactive to the skin creating a healthier healing environment at surgical sites. Wear a regular bra since there are no specialty lingerie or mastectomy bra restrictions. Our entire breast prosthesis collection is covered by most insurance companies including Medicare and Medicaid (varies by state and region). Available in both mocha and buff colors.

The eighty30 transitional breast prosthesis is covered by most insurance plans. Possible deductible and/or out-of-pocket costs will vary when purchasing through your health insurance. Unlike other mastectomy boutiques, Prosthetic Illusions is a medical facility that contracts with most insurance companies as an in-network provider including Medicare and Medicaid. Prosthetic Illusions will act as an advocate for you on your behalf prior to any financial obligations. We will help to ensure the most coverage for your breast prosthesis according to your plan, assist with appeals and out-of-network coverage exceptions. Please contact us directly to help determine your specific coverage.