Prosthetic Fingers & Prosthetic Toes

After the loss of a finger or toe due to an injury, frostbite, accident or amputation, little things that one takes for granted, such as typing or playing a musical instrument, become major obstacles to living an ordinary life. Partial digit replacement with a prosthetic finger or prosthetic toe can offer passive functionality to once again resume daily activities. Passive tactile use such as typing gripping, filling a void in gloves, aesthetic and physical balance, and proportional symmetry of the hand and foot can be achieved through a prosthetic finger or toe. Barbara Spohn-Lillo, is the only on-site Board Certified Clinical Anaplastologist in Colorado that creates custom finger and toe prostheses.

Examples of activities or functions that can be achieved with a prosthetic finger or prosthetic toe:

  • An artificial finger can be used to type, use a phone or touchscreen mobile device, play musical instruments (guitar or piano) and perform typical day-to-day functions utilizing fingers.
  • A prosthetic toe can assist in stability and in physical balance.

At Prosthetic Illusions we often see patients who have lost a finger in a work related injury. We work with these patients to understand their benefits and what kind of workman’s comp coverage they have to cover the costs of a prosthetic finger. We are one of the only facilities that will check all of your insurance, coverage, co-pay and deductible to make the process as easy as possible for patients.