Breast Prosthesis Options

Prosthetic Illusions offers a variety of breast prostheses options for women who are not candidates for breast reconstruction, choose not to have reconstruction or those who are in between surgeries. We offer an excellent alternative to assist breast cancer survivors in restoring a sense of physical and emotional balance through breast prostheses.

Custom Breast Prosthesis

Prosthetic Illusions has partnered with Radiant Impressions™ by Trulife to offer custom breast prostheses that are custom molded, supply a personal fit just for you and are available in an array of choices. Capture every detail of you, through an artfully-sculpted, one-of-a-kind fit. Benefits include a personalized and custom fit, lightweight and breathable construction, and the ability to be worn with a non-pocketed bra.

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Non-Custom Breast Prosthesis

Prosthetic Illusions also offers several non-custom breast forms that provide women the confidence to feel comfortable in their physical appearance. Enjoy a lightweight, soft, sponge-like silicone that is gentle against skin and surgical sites.  These prostheses require no specialty lingerie or mastectomy bras!

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Transitional Tissue Expander Breast Prosthesis

This revolutionary transitional breast prosthesis is an excellent temporary solution for those in-between procedures and/or undergoing the tissue expansion process. This specialized prosthesis has a thin, flexible back membrane that allows for the tissue to expand into the prosthesis while maintaining a more balanced silhouette.

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